I Do Not Regret to Inform You That You Will Always Be Comforted

By: The Firecracker Writer / Published: May 10, 2022

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To the rejected applicant for grad school/med school/law school/anything else,

If you’re reading this letter, chances are that you are looking for something to soothe your melancholies. To heal your spirit from the relentless pressure rampant in whatever field you are pursuing. To mend your heart and make it whole again —- after being shattered by the death (or temporal death) of a lifelong dream. You long, ceaselessly, for comfort.

Of course, most of the time it feels as though you aren’t going to get any comfort. Especially when you’re turned away from law school, medical school, graduate school after four years of gruelling sacrifice. When you’re grieving for a lost dream, life doesn’t hand you a bottle of emotional anesthesia. Life spares no mercy, ramping up your responsibilities even as you desire for nothing more than to rest in bed forever. “Was it all in vain?” you ask yourself, doubled over in agony as you drown your sorrows under the blankets.

Fortunately, comfort is everywhere should you choose to look for it. It’s in music of all genres, from the intimate, lulling ballad to a thunderous death metal album. It’s in a whisper, whether a whisper of sweet nothings by a lover or the whisper of encouragement by a close friend after a crushing blow to the spirit. For Arielle and Wilson, comfort is an iced tea wrapped in a passionate embrace. Nonetheless, external comforts akin to those above are fleeting. A hug, a whisper, a song —— they all tend to go by hastily and before you know it, your heart is frozen again. Oftentimes, it is the internal comforts that are eternal ——— the invigorating words we whisper to ourselves. Nothing can stop you from telling yourself that rejection does not take away from your immeasurable value. Nothing can stop you from telling yourself that despite the rejection from medical school, you put forth a dazzling show of personal character in preparing your application —- from the benevolence it takes to volunteer at hospitals, to the perseverance it takes to excel at academia, to the intrepidness it takes to click the “apply” button. Nothing can stop you from soothing your woes, whenever you need to be soothed.

In spite of such, many of us elect not to comfort ourselves, out of the belief that comfort turns you into an emotionally fragile individual. There could not be a statement more untrue. Think of the athlete who botched a performance, or gained an injury —- does being comforted take away from the fortitude he or she has demonstrated as an athlete? Or a soldier who yearns to return home - does wanting to be comforted by family take away from his/her valour on the battlefield? Or a rejected medical applicant - does wanting to be comforted take away from the dedication and character they have demonstrated over their undergraduate years? It goes to say that comfort is not a primer for weakness, but a tribute to resilience. Comfort is what amiably embraces those who have held pain in their hearts for too long, or those who gave life their zestful all and fell short on one stumble. Comfort embraces the courageous, the steadfast, the compassionate.

Medical applicants, law applicants, grad applicants, I do not regret to inform you that deserving you are, and will eternally be, of comfort after rejection. Whether it’s external comfort, or the internal comforts you whisper to yourself, you will forever be worthy of it. You will always have the power to listen to your favorite song, savor a hearty meal, or sip a reassuring cup of coffee. You will always have the power to call a friend whom you treasure deep down, and find solace in connection. And most of all, you will always have the power to define yourself not by your rejection, but by your proficiencies, resilience, and character.

To have unwavering faith in yourself, no matter how you fall short, that is indeed the quintessential acceptance.


The Firecracker Writer