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Hopelessly Lovestruck

Sep 17, 2022 / By: Me

"Desert Climb - Media From Wix

I still reminisce of the day, the day when fate pulled us apart. One second, it was me resting in your gentle arms — us against the world as our hands interlaced. You captivated me with your outgoing demeanor, lulled me with your extraordinary beauty. You were my heaven in the flesh — filling me with an ecstasy so profound that biblical heaven would be a hell in comparison.

I remember it all —- I can recall more about you than even a thousand of those impractical, inconsequential biology lectures at university. I recall your impeccable taste in fashion —- your dress sparkling in the blinding sun. I recall how your visage always lit up with a striking brightness. I recall your tattoos, each unique tattoo contributing to the medley of symbols on your skin. You relished the heat — you would dance animatedly in temperatures that would be sweltering for everyone else. And I would dance with you – for your presence could render even the most sizzling of temperatures tolerable. Your feisty self would splash water in my face, hell throw water upwards just to watch it fall back down. And I would be left mouth agape, spellbound at your hands hurling ribbons of water at the sky with the grace of a rhythmic gymnast. Timeless, artful, delightful — you were my guilty pleasure.

Tragically, not all romance is meant to be - there’s unrequited love, admissions of love unspoken, love tarnished prematurely by the tragic flaw of infidelity, and most tragically of all love involving transient bliss which gives way to an interminable yearning. As kismet attempted to separate us, I held on to you with every morsel of my strength —- I latched on even as I felt the ripping of my tendons, the tearing of my muscles, the unendurable pain that is but a speck in comparison to the pain of losing you. Yet my efforts were futile, and suddenly I no longer felt your hands intertwined with mine. That day, I tasted agony in its purest, bitterest form.

Hopelessly lovestruck, my eyes are as desiccated as the desert around me. The desert which envelopes me, as the reality of your absence sinks in.

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